Hey! I’m a freelance graphic designer and illustrator based in Columbus, OH specializing in digital design and digital illustration.

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The following work was made for bands, talented entrepreneurs, folks wanting commissioned pieces (like portraits and tattoos), and some personal projects.

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I work with people to bring life to their projects through branding. Reach out to me to see how your business could benefit from refreshing its image or expanding itself with new assets and illustrations, for example; or if you need someone to help you start from the beginning on your new business or project idea.

Below are a couple of examples of brands in action: Wild Tiger Tees and Feed & Read Ohio.

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Feed And Read Ohio delivers sustainance and literature to underserved areas in Ohio where it is most needed. After 15 years of doing just that informally, founder Jacques Angelino needed a brand that represented his work and the population he serves. Click on the button below to see the branding come together for Feed And Read Ohio on their website.

Wild Tiger Tees is a social enterprise employing youth facing homelessness in screen printing at the Star House in Columbus, OH. As one of the founders, I was responsible for coming up with the building blocks for its brand identity by making a logo system at the company's inception on April 2018. Click on the button to visit our website and see the Wild Tiger Tees brand in action.


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